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These are authentic e-mails from last week. Very slightly edited to protect  privacy.
Dear Mustafa:
Here in the West we have heard of many recent outrages against Coptic Christians in Egypt. You probably know nothing about them, because the Egyptian press is not sympathetic to Copts. Last week I read that police or army troops attacked a Coptic monastery, guns blazing, hollering Allahu akbar! I am truly shocked and I think you Egyptians should really try to be more tolerant and multicultural. It's not doing your reputation a bit of good to act like savages. Sincerely, Otto

Hello Otto,
Well, the news is very misleading my friend. I, for one, have lived in harmony with all Christian neighbours and colleagues, to the extent that many people thought I am Christian myself!!! We have always worked together, shared meals together, etc and this applies to the rest of the Egyptian population. Believe it or not, it was the ex regime, headed by the damned Mubarak, that tried to instill this image of sectarian strife for over 30 years, so that they create differences and thus remain in power. If you read our Holy Book, Quran, you would find out that we are instructed to treat Christians and Jews with respect, and the most wonderful parts of the Quran talk about Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and Moses. Islam is the religion of tolerance, being humble and ask forgiveness all the time. We are not terrorists, we are not savages, but that is an image the west and hidden forces try to show always for a particular interest!! They simply do not want to see Egypt rise and restore its status and prosperity. We take pride in our revolution which was based on the hands of honest Muslims and Christians alike. The Cross will always remain hand in hand with the Crescent, no matter what. We are solid and unified. Yes there are clashes that happen from time to time, but those are always caused by breathing the feeling of hatred by hidden forces and the ex regime people, etc. Trust in the words of a man who lives in Egypt and not in the words of the western Media.
Long live Egypt, and may Allah protect Christians and Muslims alike. Viva Egypt, Viva Egyptians. Peace will prevail at the end inshallah.
By the way, I am CCing my Canadian Egyptian friend who will receive this payment for me, and mind you, she is Christian. We have known each others and worked with each others for over 12 years now, and there was never once in our entire relationship that we had a problem. On the contrary she trusts me with all her work, and I trust having my money in her custody. We perfectly know and respect the meaning of compassion and will always maintain an excellent human relationship. Again, the Crescent and the Cross will always be hand in hand.
One Nation .. One People.. One Hand.

Hullo, Mustafa:
I would be the last to doubt your sincerity, and I’m sure your personal conduct is irreproachable. But I’m not implying that middle-class Egyptian intellectuals are torching churches. These outrages are committed by Islamist fanatics with the collusion of the authorities, and the press reports nothing about them.
Let me tell you something analogous that happened in the US a few years back: In 2002 a nest of Israeli spies was discovered, I think at the Pentagon. The Israeli spies, instead of being charged, were merely deported to Israel. The lackey US press (largely controlled by pro-Zionist capitalists, rumor has it) reported that a group of Israeli students had been deported for disorderly conduct or vandalism or something like that. I only found out the truth through Jane’s Defence Weekly, published in Britain, which has a sterling reputation for accuracy. And I assure you that I'm not anti-Israel, just critical of Israeli hubris when appropriate.  And of US gullibility.
I will try to obtain the details of the allegedly alleged attack on the monastery. Furthermore I intend to e-mail you any additional news of the sort. I stick to my original hypothesis, namely that the Egyptian press is covering up the facts. But of course I may be mistaken in this specific case.
What is undeniable however is that for years the Egyptian Copts have been subjected to harsh persecution by the authorities and by gangs of religious fanatics. I will try to obtain web addresses where you may verify the charges.
Do you know that all the Copts’ pigs were confiscated without indemnity and destroyed, on the false allegation of a swine epidemic? That happened only a few months ago. I'm not sure what happened to their whiskey.
By the way, I'm not even Christian, but I have my own religion, in which the object of worship is myself. The technical word for it is “autolatrous”, or in my specific case, “Ottolatrous”. Whatever objection you may have, you have to admit that at least it's a form of monotheism. I hand out little flasks of my belly button lint for people to worship. I can send you a bottle if you like. [just kidding, I'm not that crazy. Yet.]

Dear Mustafa: Let me tell you something about the Qur'an that most people do not know, whether Moslem, Christian or autolatrous: The rules for interpreting the Qur’an specify that everything written in it renders void anything that comes before it. When Mohammed was weak and friendless in Mecca he preached tolerance, but when he became the ruler of Medina he went on a power trip and grew prone to the use of violence. And the Medina surahs come after the Meccan surahs, because they're shorter. That means that all the touchy-feely, Jesus-loves-you stuff at the beginning isn’t worth the paper it's printed on! And is not binding! I will try to provide evidence of this claim.
Best regards, Otto


P.S. Abrogations:

The most crucial topic ... is the rule of abrogations through which Allah allowed Himself to change His mind. ... Allah so gave Himself this permission (!!!) in three quranic verses (ayats): 16.101 (Chr.70th), 2.106 (Chr.87th) and 13.39 (Chr.96th) which I’ll quote: –”Allah effaceth what He will, and establisheth (what He will), and with Him is the source of ordinance.” Apart from this silliness, stand the fact that most of the peaceful verses (written in Mecca), likely quoted by Islamic apologists were, in fact, substituted by others (later written in Medina): mainly all the bloody verses found in chapters 3 (Chr.89th), 5 (Chr.112th), 8 (Chr.88th) and chapter 9 (Chr.113th). This one verse permits pious suicide: –”Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah ? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph.” Q.9:111 (Chr.113th). See Qur’an (order of the chapters) and Ref. Chronological Quran.

I neglected to note the source of this citation, which I found on the web, but there are many web sites that say the same thing more or less.

“Abrogation” in Arabic is تنسيخ

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