Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Supreme Islamo-Fascist Goat-fucker AHMAD AKKARI -- Quotations

Selected Apocryphal Quotations by
Supreme Islamo-Fascist Goat-fucker,
Reichskommissar and Shit-Heel-General
Instigator of the  Danish Cartoon Crisis of 2005


Apocryphal Quotations of Ahmad Akkari

“Islam chose the colour green as its symbol because it is the colour of the Prophet´s snot.”  

“I've always been aware of Mohammed’s penis inferiority complex. As a matter of fact I wrote my dissertation on that subject, from a Lacanian standpoint, but unfortunately Lacan died the following year and my book became distinctly unfashionable. I couldn't even find a referee.”

“No, I haven’t issued any fatwas lately. I will need a 24-hour bodyguard before I can really get involved in the fatwa racket again, if you know what I mean. Fatwas are a high cash-flow segment of the market place. Look at what happened to the Oran mob.”


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