Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hamas moderate course

In order to win its electoral victory in 2006 in Gaza, Hamas discarded much of its traditional extremist Mohammedan mumbo jumbo and started talking about equal rights, rule of law, secularism, reform, and a bunch of other welcome things.

Hamas now objects to being painted by the Israeli government as extremist. However, the Israelis have an easy time of portraying Hamas as extremist, since Hamas refuses to revoke its infamous 1988 Charter, that  makes  explicit reference  to Protocols of the Elders of Zion, allows as how the Jews planned the 2nd world  war to enrich themselves, and other traditional Mohammedan horseshit.

Furthermore the new line seems to be accepted by all sectors within Hamas and has not led to any splits.  

Now that’s all perfectly ducky, but the 1988 Charter remains a skeleton in the cupboard. Hamas claims Palestine for the Arab Palestinians, but the 2005 statement by Hamas’ top terrorist  waiving claims to Palestine in favour of a billion Moslems still stands. So the upshot is that  Hamas is now  talking out of both sides of its mouth, and you don't know what side to believe. In my book they’re still just a bunch of terrorist fanatics. Any association with the  brutal Mohammedan ideology of world conquest, no matter how tenuous, is more than I can stomach. I think that at a time when Mohammedanism is still aggressively stalking the planet with  undiminished covetousness, this is not the time to make  any concession that  would make  Islam more acceptable.

So I hereby propose a package of reforms to the Hamas government of Gaza, to test the sincerity of its intentions. My list of non-negotiable demands is:

  1. All beaches in Gaza are declared nude beaches.
  2. A 24-hour non-stop pornographic TV station
  3. Only pork meat to be sold from now on.
  4. Women wearing veils will be shot on sight.
  5. Two thirds of mosques to be turned into casinos.
  6. The Koran will be edited and streamlined to omit all references to Mohammed, Islam and God.
  7. Traffic policemen in Gaza be beautiful young women clad only in bikinis,
  8. Obligatory drinking of alcohol introduced into all religious rituals at mosques.

If Hamas is interested in my proposals, they know where to find me.

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