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Hamas moderate course

In order to win its electoral victory in 2006 in Gaza, Hamas discarded much of its traditional extremist Mohammedan mumbo jumbo and started talking about equal rights, rule of law, secularism, reform, and a bunch of other welcome things.

Hamas now objects to being painted by the Israeli government as extremist. However, the Israelis have an easy time of portraying Hamas as extremist, since Hamas refuses to revoke its infamous 1988 Charter, that  makes  explicit reference  to Protocols of the Elders of Zion, allows as how the Jews planned the 2nd world  war to enrich themselves, and other traditional Mohammedan horseshit.

Furthermore the new line seems to be accepted by all sectors within Hamas and has not led to any splits.  

Now that’s all perfectly ducky, but the 1988 Charter remains a skeleton in the cupboard. Hamas claims Palestine for the Arab Palestinians, but the 2005 statement by Hamas’ top terrorist  waiving claims to Palestine in favour of a billion Moslems still stands. So the upshot is that  Hamas is now  talking out of both sides of its mouth, and you don't know what side to believe. In my book they’re still just a bunch of terrorist fanatics. Any association with the  brutal Mohammedan ideology of world conquest, no matter how tenuous, is more than I can stomach. I think that at a time when Mohammedanism is still aggressively stalking the planet with  undiminished covetousness, this is not the time to make  any concession that  would make  Islam more acceptable.

So I hereby propose a package of reforms to the Hamas government of Gaza, to test the sincerity of its intentions. My list of non-negotiable demands is:

  1. All beaches in Gaza are declared nude beaches.
  2. A 24-hour non-stop pornographic TV station
  3. Only pork meat to be sold from now on.
  4. Women wearing veils will be shot on sight.
  5. Two thirds of mosques to be turned into casinos.
  6. The Koran will be edited and streamlined to omit all references to Mohammed, Islam and God.
  7. Traffic policemen in Gaza be beautiful young women clad only in bikinis,
  8. Obligatory drinking of alcohol introduced into all religious rituals at mosques.

If Hamas is interested in my proposals, they know where to find me.

The Islamic Race -- Preliminary notes


In view of the widespread distaste for Islamophobia and the likewise frequent identification of Islamophobia with racism, the Department of Anthropology of the University of Las Vegas has issued the following bulletin:
The Islamic Race: Preliminary Conclusions

The Islamic (or Mohammedan) race occupies a singular position in the field of physical anthropology. The morphological descriptions of members of this race are quite varied. Thus, it is useless to enquire whether Mohammedans have slanted eyes, or pale skin, or blue eyes, or curly hair. The answer to all these questions is the same: “Some do and some don't.”  

This rather puzzling, because the principal definition of race (in the meaning intended here) is “A … human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics.”

Thus, pending further research, we must conclude that either:  

(1) Mohammedanism is presumably encoded in the human genome, but the actual location of the Mohammedan gene or genes in the  genome is a matter   of speculation. To date nothing appears to have been published on the subject; or

(2) The genetically transmitted physical characteristics of the Mohammedan race are not visible in the external features of Mohammedans, but instead affect only the disposition of certain internal organs. Accordingly only a specialist in internal medicine is qualified to decide whether a given person belongs to the  Mohammedan race or not.

Currently no laboratory or imaging tests are listed as providing reliable information of an individual’s Mohammedan racial character.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Supreme Islamo-Fascist Goat-fucker AHMAD AKKARI -- Quotations

Selected Apocryphal Quotations by
Supreme Islamo-Fascist Goat-fucker,
Reichskommissar and Shit-Heel-General
Instigator of the  Danish Cartoon Crisis of 2005


Apocryphal Quotations of Ahmad Akkari

“Islam chose the colour green as its symbol because it is the colour of the Prophet´s snot.”  

“I've always been aware of Mohammed’s penis inferiority complex. As a matter of fact I wrote my dissertation on that subject, from a Lacanian standpoint, but unfortunately Lacan died the following year and my book became distinctly unfashionable. I couldn't even find a referee.”

“No, I haven’t issued any fatwas lately. I will need a 24-hour bodyguard before I can really get involved in the fatwa racket again, if you know what I mean. Fatwas are a high cash-flow segment of the market place. Look at what happened to the Oran mob.”


Sunday, 12 June 2011



These are authentic e-mails from last week. Very slightly edited to protect  privacy.
Dear Mustafa:
Here in the West we have heard of many recent outrages against Coptic Christians in Egypt. You probably know nothing about them, because the Egyptian press is not sympathetic to Copts. Last week I read that police or army troops attacked a Coptic monastery, guns blazing, hollering Allahu akbar! I am truly shocked and I think you Egyptians should really try to be more tolerant and multicultural. It's not doing your reputation a bit of good to act like savages. Sincerely, Otto

Hello Otto,
Well, the news is very misleading my friend. I, for one, have lived in harmony with all Christian neighbours and colleagues, to the extent that many people thought I am Christian myself!!! We have always worked together, shared meals together, etc and this applies to the rest of the Egyptian population. Believe it or not, it was the ex regime, headed by the damned Mubarak, that tried to instill this image of sectarian strife for over 30 years, so that they create differences and thus remain in power. If you read our Holy Book, Quran, you would find out that we are instructed to treat Christians and Jews with respect, and the most wonderful parts of the Quran talk about Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and Moses. Islam is the religion of tolerance, being humble and ask forgiveness all the time. We are not terrorists, we are not savages, but that is an image the west and hidden forces try to show always for a particular interest!! They simply do not want to see Egypt rise and restore its status and prosperity. We take pride in our revolution which was based on the hands of honest Muslims and Christians alike. The Cross will always remain hand in hand with the Crescent, no matter what. We are solid and unified. Yes there are clashes that happen from time to time, but those are always caused by breathing the feeling of hatred by hidden forces and the ex regime people, etc. Trust in the words of a man who lives in Egypt and not in the words of the western Media.
Long live Egypt, and may Allah protect Christians and Muslims alike. Viva Egypt, Viva Egyptians. Peace will prevail at the end inshallah.
By the way, I am CCing my Canadian Egyptian friend who will receive this payment for me, and mind you, she is Christian. We have known each others and worked with each others for over 12 years now, and there was never once in our entire relationship that we had a problem. On the contrary she trusts me with all her work, and I trust having my money in her custody. We perfectly know and respect the meaning of compassion and will always maintain an excellent human relationship. Again, the Crescent and the Cross will always be hand in hand.
One Nation .. One People.. One Hand.

Hullo, Mustafa:
I would be the last to doubt your sincerity, and I’m sure your personal conduct is irreproachable. But I’m not implying that middle-class Egyptian intellectuals are torching churches. These outrages are committed by Islamist fanatics with the collusion of the authorities, and the press reports nothing about them.
Let me tell you something analogous that happened in the US a few years back: In 2002 a nest of Israeli spies was discovered, I think at the Pentagon. The Israeli spies, instead of being charged, were merely deported to Israel. The lackey US press (largely controlled by pro-Zionist capitalists, rumor has it) reported that a group of Israeli students had been deported for disorderly conduct or vandalism or something like that. I only found out the truth through Jane’s Defence Weekly, published in Britain, which has a sterling reputation for accuracy. And I assure you that I'm not anti-Israel, just critical of Israeli hubris when appropriate.  And of US gullibility.
I will try to obtain the details of the allegedly alleged attack on the monastery. Furthermore I intend to e-mail you any additional news of the sort. I stick to my original hypothesis, namely that the Egyptian press is covering up the facts. But of course I may be mistaken in this specific case.
What is undeniable however is that for years the Egyptian Copts have been subjected to harsh persecution by the authorities and by gangs of religious fanatics. I will try to obtain web addresses where you may verify the charges.
Do you know that all the Copts’ pigs were confiscated without indemnity and destroyed, on the false allegation of a swine epidemic? That happened only a few months ago. I'm not sure what happened to their whiskey.
By the way, I'm not even Christian, but I have my own religion, in which the object of worship is myself. The technical word for it is “autolatrous”, or in my specific case, “Ottolatrous”. Whatever objection you may have, you have to admit that at least it's a form of monotheism. I hand out little flasks of my belly button lint for people to worship. I can send you a bottle if you like. [just kidding, I'm not that crazy. Yet.]

Dear Mustafa: Let me tell you something about the Qur'an that most people do not know, whether Moslem, Christian or autolatrous: The rules for interpreting the Qur’an specify that everything written in it renders void anything that comes before it. When Mohammed was weak and friendless in Mecca he preached tolerance, but when he became the ruler of Medina he went on a power trip and grew prone to the use of violence. And the Medina surahs come after the Meccan surahs, because they're shorter. That means that all the touchy-feely, Jesus-loves-you stuff at the beginning isn’t worth the paper it's printed on! And is not binding! I will try to provide evidence of this claim.
Best regards, Otto


P.S. Abrogations:

The most crucial topic ... is the rule of abrogations through which Allah allowed Himself to change His mind. ... Allah so gave Himself this permission (!!!) in three quranic verses (ayats): 16.101 (Chr.70th), 2.106 (Chr.87th) and 13.39 (Chr.96th) which I’ll quote: –”Allah effaceth what He will, and establisheth (what He will), and with Him is the source of ordinance.” Apart from this silliness, stand the fact that most of the peaceful verses (written in Mecca), likely quoted by Islamic apologists were, in fact, substituted by others (later written in Medina): mainly all the bloody verses found in chapters 3 (Chr.89th), 5 (Chr.112th), 8 (Chr.88th) and chapter 9 (Chr.113th). This one verse permits pious suicide: –”Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah ? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph.” Q.9:111 (Chr.113th). See Qur’an (order of the chapters) and Ref. Chronological Quran.

I neglected to note the source of this citation, which I found on the web, but there are many web sites that say the same thing more or less.

“Abrogation” in Arabic is تنسيخ

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Poor Persecuted Moslems

Poor Persecuted Moslems
and other Cultthroat Song and Dance Routines

by Igor Slamoff

This is a reply to Islamophobia's Scholarly Godfather, by Nabil Al-Khowaiter,

This is a critique of your reasoning. However, first I want to make clear that I too detest neocons, distrust the Israel lobby, condemn Likud’s chauvinism, resent imperialism, condemn racism, etc.

You argue that the principal ground for Moslem resentment against the US was that the US supports Israel. I don't think the statistics support your view. The policies of the US and of the European Union’s member countries has been markedly different over the years. Europe too has, on balance, supported Israel, but  with more moderation and more criticism of Israeli policies. Nonetheless hatred toward Europe is almost as strong as toward the US. Sobhi Asila´s article Confusing Hearts and Minds. Public Opinion in the Arab World  (April 2008) states that a survey revealed that 60% of Saudis hate the US and 49% hate the West in general. That’s not much difference.

Then he claims that France enjoys great popularity in the Arab World, but cites no figures. However, an article on MEMRI No. 1816 - January 18, 2008, cites an Islamist web site called Al-Ekhlas ( ), that had recently hosted a discussion of the possible benefit of a terrorist attack on Paris. The original proponent speculated that such an attack might serve as a warning to other European countries "which are collaborating in the war against the Muslim countries."

Although France had refused to participate in the Iraq war that was raging at the time, it is described as “participating in the war on Islam", together with “other European countries”. Britain is not mentioned by name, although it is the only European country that played any important roles in the Iraq war. In other words, France & Britain are both said to “participate in the war on Islam” although they took opposite positions regarding the biggest war in a Moslem country in a long time.

Sobhi Asila wrote: “However, this hatred [against the West] was not based on religion”, because “the percentage of hatred for countries in the Far East was as low as 18 percent, despite many East Asian societies sharing the United States’ general belief in Christianity and other[,] non-Semitic religions.”

It is true that certain East Asian countries are predominantly Christian, notably the Philippines and South Korea, but they constitute a small minority of the East Asian population and of East Asian nations. On the other hand  the Far East includes  several  predominantly Moslem countries, foremost among them Indonesia and Malaysia, whose combined population greatly exceeds that of the Philippines and Korea. Thus East Asia is a religiously very heterogeneous region, and not a region that can be generally characterized as Christian. Thus, contrary to Asila’s argument, lack of hatred for the East does not suggest that hatred for the West is unrelated to religion.

The initial verses of the Qur’an contain condemnations of both Christianity and Judaism. These verses are recited many millions of times each day by Moslems. As a matter of fact, Islam was born with a chip on its shoulder about both those religions, since they predominated in the macro-region where Islam arose.

An article on the Middle East Forum [which is very critical of Islam and pro-Zionist, but nonetheless does present serious scholarly analysis] claims that "In their statements directed at European or American audiences, Islamists maintain that the terrorism they direct against the West is merely reciprocal treatment for decades of Western and Israeli oppression. Yet in writings directed to their fellow Muslims, this animus is presented, not as a reaction to military or political provocation but as a product of religious obligation.”
“For instance, when addressing Western audiences, Osama bin Laden lists any number of grievances as motivating his war on the West… Never once … does he justify Al-Qaeda's attacks on Western targets simply because non-Muslim countries are infidel entities that must be subjugated. … It is when bin Laden speaks to fellow Muslims that the truth comes out. When a group of prominent Muslims wrote an open letter to the American people soon after the strikes of 9/11, saying that Islam seeks to peacefully coexist, bin Laden wrote to castigate them:
As to the relationship between Muslims and infidels, this is summarized by the Most High's Word: "We [Muslims] renounce you [non-Muslims]. Enmity and hate shall forever reign between us—till you believe in God alone" [Qur'an 60:4]. So there is an enmity, evidenced by fierce hostility from the heart. And this fierce hostility—that is, battle—ceases only if the infidel submits to the authority of Islam, or if his blood is forbidden from being shed [i.e., a dhimmi, or protected minority], or if Muslims are at that point in time weak and incapable. But if the hate at any time extinguishes from the heart, this is great apostasy! ... Such then is the basis and foundation of the relationship between the infidel and the Muslim. Battle, animosity, and hatred—directed from the Muslim to the infidel—is the foundation of our religion.

If resentment against the West is an indignant reaction to wrongs done to Moslems, then why have Moslems persistently ignored the Moslem-vs.-Moslem genocide that has raged for years in the Sudan? For that matter, Moslems have been slaughtering each other for centuries on various pretexts, e.g. sectarian strife, which seems to be regarded with indifference. Moslem Bangladeshi workers are cruelly exploited and oppressed in the Gulf states, but the locals don't seem to mind.

In Turkey it is a criminal offence  to say that the Ottoman massacres  of Armenians and other Christians in 1896 and 1915 were genocidal. However, "Turks will hurl that accusation at almost anyone else. The speaker of the Turkish parliament recently declared that the killing of 400 Azeris by the Armenians during the 1992 Nagorno-Karabakh war was genocide. Turkish politicians have on numerous occasions accused Israel of genocide in the occupied territories. And last year, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Chinese of committing genocide in Xinjiang, where interethnic riots killed 200 people. (He did, however, deny that the Sudanese government's actions in Darfur were genocidal, on the grounds that "Muslims do not commit genocide.") 

Spiegel Online (in English) 02/26/2010 Victims of Radical Islam describes the growing oppression of non-Moslems in Moslem countries.

Iraq    … Sunni terrorist groups prey specifically on people of other religions. The last Iraqi census in 1987 showed 1.4 million Christians living in the country. At the start of the American invasion in 2003, it was 550,000, and at present it is just under 400,000. Experts speak of a "creeping genocide."  ... In Mosul, Iraq, persecution of Christians is savage: Sixteen Christians were killed the next week, ... and bombs exploded in front of churches. ... Men in passing cars shouted at Christians that they had a choice -- leave Mosul or convert to Islam. Out of over 1,500 Christian families in the city, only 50 stayed. ...

Pakistan        Blasphemy is another frequently used allegation ... punishable offense in many Islamic countries. The allegation is often used against the opposition, whether that means journalists, dissidents or Christians. Imran Masih, for example, a Christian shopkeeper in Faisalabad, Pakistan, was given a life sentence on Jan. 11, under sections 295 A and B of Pakistan's legal code, which covers the crime of outraging religious feelings by desecrating the Koran. A neighboring shopkeeper had accused him of burning pages from the Koran. Masih says that he only burned old business records. ..

Turkey           ... Half a million Assyrians are said to have lived in Tur Abdin at the beginning of the 20th century. Today-- As a result of the genocide committed against the Armenians by Ottoman troops in 1915 --  there are barely 3,000 ... they are reviled by Turkish Moslems as traitors, nonbelievers, spies and people who insult the Turkish nation.

Egypt  ... The religion minister defended the legality of the death penalty for converts -- although Egypt doesn't even have such a law -- with the argument that renunciation of Islam amounts to high treason. Building new churches isn't allowed, ... the old ones are falling into disrepair thanks ... girls are kidnapped and forcibly converted, the police don't intervene. ... Six Copts were massacred on Jan. 6 -- when Coptic celebrate Christmas Eve ... revenge the rape of a Muslim girl by a Copt, it ... Muslims, for example, fear they could catch the "Christian virus" by eating together with a Copt ...

Osama bin Laden ”knows that if Americans were to realize that nothing short of their submission can ever bring peace, his propaganda campaign would be quickly compromised. Hence the constant need to dissemble and to cite grievances, for, as bin Laden's prophet asserted, "War is deceit."

Please read the sequel
Poor Persecuted Moslems
and other Cultthroat Song and Dance Routines
Part II
by Igor Slamoff

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The long and twisted tale of
Grumfty the Cultthroat
 by Gengis Cohn

The SS raised a whole volunteer Mohammedan regiment in Bosnia in 1943, which was  inaugurated by none other than the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, or the Grumfty, as we fanciers of Islamo-Fascist crackpots affectionately call him. 

The Grumfty later escaped the gallows only through a miracle after the Nazis foolishly lost the war in 1945.  When he saw that the jig was up and the sheriff was rounding up the Fascist scum, the crafty Grumfty managed to elude the gallows and was not even imprisoned (much less simply shot dead and dumped in a common grave as he deserved to be) thanks to effective deployment of his devastating powers of sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy.  (Or perhaps he simply muttered “It was the will of Allah”.) Suddenly he turned around and with his flawless French diction  hypnotized a conservative French diplomat who had been assigned as his nanny into giving him a free pass, whereupon he immediately decamped Europe and scurried back to his Middle East rat-hole.  

 This French guy who had been appointed the Grumfty’s guardian (presumably at de Gaulle’s behest) had formerly been  top banana in the French colonial administration of Syria (which lasted  from about 1919 to about 1943), so he had doubtless already had had dealings with the Grumfty, who was based in Jerusalem, only a four-day camel ride from Syria’s capital Damascus.  Thus they were both practically members of an Old Boys’ club of former Middle East honchos. He  was not only conservative, but also tainted by Vichy (collaborationist) associations. In France in the 1940s, the distinction between “conservative” and “Nazi collaborationist” was fuzzy at best.  It has been conclusively demonstrated that the French Right in the 1930s had already thrown in its lot with the  Nazis. They spontaneously but subconsciously started training to become collaborationists of the impending German occupation. Consequently the French guy was at best a crypto-Nazi. Someone should check the 1945-46 French government archives to discover who decided to appoint such a limp-wristed Conser-Fascist wuss as nanny for the Grumfty.

As a matter of fact I am astonished that the Vatican didn't pull some strings to get the Allies to string up the Grumfty good and proper, same as the other war criminals. Another mystery. Was it the Vatican’s policy to tolerate such cultthroat interventions in its bailiwick? Perhaps they regarded Islamo-Fascists as allies in the war on the Communists. Blessed mercy moved the sainted Pope Pius XII in 1945-46 to conceive, organize and operate the Ratline. to save  the defeated and panicky Facist scum from the gallows. Curiously  enoiugh, Pope Pius showed a truly ecumenical spirit: not only Catholic mass murderers like the bloodthirsty Ante Pavelic, tyrant of Fascist Croatia, found refuge in the Vatican cellars until they could be discreetly shipped to Argentina or wherever, but also Orthodox Fascists, like the head of the Macedonian Fascists Mihailov -- not to be confused with the monarchist insurgent Mihailovic -- were afforded refuge in the Vatican cellars. But I guess Pius drew the line at Mohammedans -- though the Grumfty was no worse than many Catholic prelates and even Protestant ones in supporting the nihilist Fascist regimes of Europe.  
You just have to assume that the Grumfty got on with the  Nazi bigwigs like a house on fire, in view of his Aryan good looks. Just imagine how the Nazis would have reacted to him if he had physically resembled his reputed nephew, Yassir Arafat, who looks like the Missing Link, and a sexual pervert to boot! They would have hollered “Untermensch!” and packed him in a cattle car together with the rest of the Semites. And a good thing too.
The Grumfty, by furnishing a Mohammedan presence in Fascist Europe, was instrumental in injecting the virus of Anti-Semitism into the Arabic-speaking countries and the Mohammedan miasma in general. He was dead set against Jewish colonization of Palestine, which in itself is a defensible position -- after all, Lord Moyne, the British satrap of Egypt in the Second World War, had himself toured Palestine in the 1930s and found it already pretty crowded. Lord Moyne was assassinated for his pains in 1943 by a Zionist terror team that traveled from Palestine to Cairo expressly for that purpose. The Grumfty is on record as favouring expulsion or liquidation of the Jews in Palestine, although he pretended that he would never allow any harm to be done to the small minority of Jews who had lived in Palestine for centuries or millennbia.

However Mohammedan sneakiness (taqiyya) on this point is well documented. The Grumfty appears to have approved of the Farhood -- the anti-Jewish pogrom in Baghdad in June 1941, instigated by the Germans by means of anti-Semitic Arab thugs supporting the Rashid Ali regime. And the Jews of Baghdad had been living there for more than 2,500 years,  since long before the Arabic language was spoken in Iraq.

Rashid Ali was no Nazi and almost certainly not even an anti-Semite, but a fiery Iraqi nationalist politician who had been battling the British colonialists in the field of parliamentary politics for decades. Since Iraq was a quasi-colony of Britain, it was from simple opportunism that he joined forces with Nazi Germany, merely because Germany was Britain's enemy. However alliance with Nazi Germany implied letting Iraq be infiltrataed by anti-Semitic agitators who channelled the scurrilously mendacious Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda into the Iraqi press and reached a wide audience.

The Grumfty not only promoted Fascism in Europe, but actually negotiated with Hitler and Mussolini, eliciting from them a commitment to eliminating the Jewish National Home in Palestine, what today is Israel. If the European Fascists had invaded Palestine, they would have fried every Jew in Palestine, whether old or new.

                (to be continued)