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Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man!

The Dar al Ooloom indoctrination facility
  at Deoband, India,  seen from a bomber   
Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man!

In 1857 the Indian Mutiny broke out. (Well, "Indian Mutiny” ’s what the British imperialists used to call it. I suppose now in India it's called the “Great Motherland Ant-Imperialist Heroic Sacrifice Tragedy” or something of the sort.)  It was a ragged rebellion of  various Indian factions against the British imperialists.

The rebels were motivated by a mix of caste rancour,  superstitions and taboos, the British by greed, class pride and gin. Indian national consciousness didn't exist and wouldn't for some time. 

India was a patch-work of semi-sovereign states dominated by the British who had alliances with local élites and potentates. The British government was nowhere to be seen. India was ruled by the East India Company, which was a kind of free-enterprise Empire Inc. (with shareholders!) based in London. That was the tail-end of laissez-faire capitalism, when you could still get away with a lot of shit, with companies of merchant adventurers ruling quasi sovreign over many a fair isle.

1857 put an end to East India Company. The British brutally put down the insurrection and made India a colony of Great Britain (substantially. I'm not sure of British India' constitutional standing.). Administrative modernization, and other things soon followed.

Moslems had played a big role in the Mutiny. When their figurehead Mogul Emperor was dethroned as a result of the 1857 unpleasantness and exiled to Burma, while numerous of his progeny were beheaded by the Brits, the N India Mohammedans took it as a personal defeat.

The Deobandit movement formed in Mohammedan India as a reaction to this humiliation. Deobandits stressed puritanical habits imported from Arabia, Wahhabi-type ascesis, casting off decadent Western habits, back to the roots of Mohammed and his in-group.

The classic codswallop about bewailing one’s fate while whining  "We have been punished by our god for we forsook the old pure ways. Now we know better. Now we gonna be
extra-tough-ass Mohammedan sumbitches you betcha! Unlike before, we will not relax our vigilance at the Flexi-Poo- Memorial

It was a fairly natural reaction. But it was a PROFOUNDLY STUPID ONE. Stressing the values of 7th century Arabia in 19th century India was just about one of the stupidest ideas you could get.

But the Deobandits got it anyway.  That's  on account of religions fuck up your brain.

Perhaps if the colonial authorities had encouraged a Western, a scientific and rational manner of thinking about the natural world, encouraged the spread of scientific knowledge ... Those Brits ... so commercial-minded, so free enterprise "Well if they want to believe that kind of thing it's their own business!"  Voltaire's rapier-sharp reply:

     If we believe in absurdities, we shall commit ATROCITIES!

The French would have strewn scientific academies galore, too bad they lost India to the Brits!

Now we are very sorry about the Deobandits’ stupidity, but as they say, stupidity is no excuse. 

(to be continued) 

PS Actually "Deobandit" is a play on words. They call themselves Deobandis, a name indicating geographical origin.

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