Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mohammedanism vs. Enlightenment

__Mohammedanism is incompatible with the Enlightenment. 
__For that reason alone Islam will always be the  
                              favourite cult of the canaille.  

Adolf Hitlist



On the whole, the European political left has tended to encourage Islamist demands, whereas the political right has tended to oppose Islamist claims.

The  left tends to see Moslem immigrants and Moslem minorities as an exploited, underprivileged group, which makes them prima facie part of the left’s traditional political base, along with workers and whatnot.

__On the other hand Islam is a doctrine that long predates the __Middle Ages and is saturated with obscurantist ideas that flatly __contradict the leftist ideology, which basically stems from the __European Enlightenment.

__Mohammedanism is incompatible with the Enlightenment. 
__For that reason alone Islam is fated to become the __favourite cult of the canaille

__Conversely, many aspects of Islam harmonise with European __right-wing ideology. Nonetheless the Right resolutely opposes __Islam.

__The European left has been accused of catering to the __Mohammedan vote in order to compensate its dwinding electoral __muscle There seem to be good grounds for the charge. In general __terms, the extent to which a political party desirous of winning the __immigrant vote can eventually deploy that vote in its favour __depends not least on its influence with the immigration authorities __to have its supporters voting ASAP. How soon you can get the __immigrant into the voting booth depends also on ease and speed __of naturalisation, which vary among EU memebers. Germany was __the slowest once. Complex random picture. Empirical analysis.

__However (and this is the punch line) in at least one case, it is the __right wing that profits from the Muslim vote: The French __National Front has much Mohammedan support because it is __anti-Jewish.

__I feel relieved, as though I have  through this brief note in some __way partly redeemed the liberal Left from the pernicious effects __of its own sentimental infatuation with the darling  Moros . 
     I conclude on a harmonious note: Consequently  we can safely __affirm that an alliance between the left and Islam is by no means __preordained in heaven, but instead is the random result of __particular contingencies that may occur or fail to occur. 


Friday, 27 May 2011

Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man!

The Dar al Ooloom indoctrination facility
  at Deoband, India,  seen from a bomber   
Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man!

In 1857 the Indian Mutiny broke out. (Well, "Indian Mutiny” ’s what the British imperialists used to call it. I suppose now in India it's called the “Great Motherland Ant-Imperialist Heroic Sacrifice Tragedy” or something of the sort.)  It was a ragged rebellion of  various Indian factions against the British imperialists.

The rebels were motivated by a mix of caste rancour,  superstitions and taboos, the British by greed, class pride and gin. Indian national consciousness didn't exist and wouldn't for some time. 

India was a patch-work of semi-sovereign states dominated by the British who had alliances with local élites and potentates. The British government was nowhere to be seen. India was ruled by the East India Company, which was a kind of free-enterprise Empire Inc. (with shareholders!) based in London. That was the tail-end of laissez-faire capitalism, when you could still get away with a lot of shit, with companies of merchant adventurers ruling quasi sovreign over many a fair isle.

1857 put an end to East India Company. The British brutally put down the insurrection and made India a colony of Great Britain (substantially. I'm not sure of British India' constitutional standing.). Administrative modernization, and other things soon followed.

Moslems had played a big role in the Mutiny. When their figurehead Mogul Emperor was dethroned as a result of the 1857 unpleasantness and exiled to Burma, while numerous of his progeny were beheaded by the Brits, the N India Mohammedans took it as a personal defeat.

The Deobandit movement formed in Mohammedan India as a reaction to this humiliation. Deobandits stressed puritanical habits imported from Arabia, Wahhabi-type ascesis, casting off decadent Western habits, back to the roots of Mohammed and his in-group.

The classic codswallop about bewailing one’s fate while whining  "We have been punished by our god for we forsook the old pure ways. Now we know better. Now we gonna be
extra-tough-ass Mohammedan sumbitches you betcha! Unlike before, we will not relax our vigilance at the Flexi-Poo- Memorial

It was a fairly natural reaction. But it was a PROFOUNDLY STUPID ONE. Stressing the values of 7th century Arabia in 19th century India was just about one of the stupidest ideas you could get.

But the Deobandits got it anyway.  That's  on account of religions fuck up your brain.

Perhaps if the colonial authorities had encouraged a Western, a scientific and rational manner of thinking about the natural world, encouraged the spread of scientific knowledge ... Those Brits ... so commercial-minded, so free enterprise "Well if they want to believe that kind of thing it's their own business!"  Voltaire's rapier-sharp reply:

     If we believe in absurdities, we shall commit ATROCITIES!

The French would have strewn scientific academies galore, too bad they lost India to the Brits!

Now we are very sorry about the Deobandits’ stupidity, but as they say, stupidity is no excuse. 

(to be continued) 

PS Actually "Deobandit" is a play on words. They call themselves Deobandis, a name indicating geographical origin.

Friday, 20 May 2011




An international Convention has been announced by the Conference of the Islamic Organisation -- headquarters in Jeddah, São di Arabia -- to take place in two years´ time to air methodological issues related to the recent confirmation by an international team of scientists of the controversial hypothesis that 
THE PROPHET MOHAMMED (pbuh) suffered from a 
while he was  
ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED TO A CAMEL in the springtime of 598 A.D. Other official sponsors of the planned scientific conference are the International Veterinary Association, Palaeontological Division, and the Virus Liberation Front, among others. 

The Board

Agenda of Polytheist Action Group

Polytheist Action Group

Talking points for week from 23 May to 30 May 2011

1.    The Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) penis inferiority complex and its meta-theological repercussions
2.    History of dDebt bondage in Oman
3.    Recipe for Islamic pork chops

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Psychopathology of Monotheism

(Notes for a projected treatise)

According to  certain neo-Freudians, monotheism is a psychological syndrome that without exception results from a suppressed penis inferiority complex. Although no hard evidence survives regarding how well endowed the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was in this regard, there are well-attested ahadeeth that suggest that his genitalia were modest in scope, to say the least.  The insistence with which  Mohammed endorsed the doctrine of there being only a single Godhead seems to indicate that his personality was deeply scarred by the trauma of being ridiculed by his wives and/or other persons (perhaps Abu Bakr) in connection with this shortcoming, with which he apparently struggled throughout his life.

Indeed, his instinctive horror of shortness -- and the intimate psychological link between his monotheism and his presumably challenged virility -- is revealed in the following passage from the Holy Qur’an:  “O my people! serve Allah, you have no god other than He, and do not give short measure and weight.” [11.84

Another passage seems to refer to a wish-fulfillment fantasy that occurred on a certain occasion on which Mohammed dropped his pants: “So he cast it (i.e. his pants) down; and lo! it was a serpent running.” [20.20] Naturally the Prophet cannot have worn full-fledged trousers as we know them today, but most likely leather breeches equipped with a codpiece. This article of male attire (known as * ’islakis) had been fashionable among the proto-Semites, and survived in parts of the Hejaz  well into the 9th century A.D., as revealed by excavations conducted at Ta’if by Prof. Codswallop in 1923.   

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Atavistic persistence of Freudian thought patterns in contemporary European political discourse. A response to Josep Ramoneda

Atavistic persistence of Freudian thinking patterns in contemporary European political discourse. A response to Josep Ramoneda                 
By Igor Slamoff

Ramoneda writes irresponsible rubbish. I will here address only two of the issues broached in his article. e.g.:

  1. Restrictions on [sub-Saharan] African migration to Europe, and
  2. The Mohammedan issue in Europe.

            1. Restrictions on [sub-Saharan] African migration to Europe

Ramoneda criticises Europe implicitly for restricting immigration from Africa. I looked into the issue of African demographic trends some years ago, and received the distinct impression that Africans are reproducing at an excessive rate, thereby placing a heightened burthen on their eco systems and welfare and infrastructure systems. African societies are unwilling to invest in these areas, instead devoting their biological energies to producing more children. Consequently there is a spontaneous emigration toward other continents, where the needs of the excess African population can be satisfied. That means Europe.

Since African countries are unwilling to restrict their excessive birth rate, it is inevitable that other countries will seek to restrict African immigration.

The alternative would be for Europe to intervene actively in African reproductive matters. This however would constitute an infringement of African sovereignty.

Massive African immigration to Europe would pose a great strain on European economy, since it would have to feed and house immigrants with low skill levels, and who consequently will earn much less in wages than the money the European government must spend to assure them a European standard of living, eventual integration, etc. Studies in Holland have demonstrated that letting untrained immigrants into Holland caused huge welfare losses to the country.

Consequently the Africans have nobody but themselves to blame.

            2. The Mohammedan issue in Europe

When discussing the population of Europe that has non-European roots it is no longer sufficient to use the term “immigrant” “Immigrant” is an unacceptably vague term. Above all, the term “immigrant” serves as a method of avoiding discussing the issue of Mohammedanism in Europe. Mohammedans pose a special case, both from the standpoint of social policy in general, cultural integration, crime, and terrorism hazard.

There is a specific Mohammedan issue that is separate from any immigration issue.
Ramoneda exploits the “immigrant” red herring because “immigrant” is vague enough that it is roughly synonymous with “the other”. On the basis of this vagueness, Ramoneda thereupon starts making general und unverifiable psychological statements about “the Other”, “fear of the Other”, collective guilt, scapegoats, etc. In this manner, the discussion is raised to an abstruse level of collective psychology, where it remains indefinitely and is never solved because empirical evidence is not useful in deciding such abstract philosophical issues.

I propose instead that the discussion be conducted at the level of concrete socio-economic trends that are measurable in the statistics and accordingly offer a perspective of being resolved someday.

When discussing the issue of Mohammedans in Europe, we must never forget the fear that prevails in certain quarters that Mohammedans may overrun Europe thus Islamising it. The often ridiculed belief that Islamisation constitutes a threat to Europe, is nonetheless amply warranted by massive amounts of easily accessible historical evidence. E.g.

  1. Islam is a unique phenomenon in world history, in that Islam freely chose at its inception to be expansionistic, violent, aggressive, militaristic and domineering. Moreover all of these traits persist in varying degrees in contemporary Islam. I know of no other religion that can be described in these terms.

  1. For centuries moslems expanded to predominate in areas that had previously been under European influence. That tendency has not abated.

  1. In most countries and regions where Mohammedans make up a majority of the population, the Mohammedans systematically exploit, humiliate, oppress and exterminate non-moslems. (see appendix for exceptions) This trend is perfectly observable in European areas where Moslems have recently become a majority.   

  1. Consequently, even if our fears of Islamisation prove to be exaggerated or unfounded, they are reasonable fears based on a large number of specific historical observations. Reasonable fears of this sort cannot be dismissed as mere gossip and speculation. Instead they must be addressed directly. If you deny that Islamisation is a realistic threat, you must prove it.

  1. Specifically, prima facie terrorism in Europe  seems currently to be a predominantly Moslem phenomenon. Accordingly  it is misleading to jump directly from the citizen’s fear of the unknown to the reckless scapegoating of “immigrants”.
List of predominantly moslem countries that do not persecute non-moslems

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Burkina Faso
Sierra Leone



Any predominantly Moslem country not on this list is almost certain to persecute non'=Moslems. For a handful of small countries no reliable data can be obtained.

From various fairly reliable sources.

Slam the door

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dyslexia or apostasy?

A Brief History of Porkistan by Adolf Hitlist

A Brief History of Porkistan from the 
-earliest times until the Hula Hoop Revival-

by Adolf Hitlist
(including West Porkistan, and, for a while, East Porkistan, but under no circumstances Central Porkistan)

Think about Porkistan: devout Moslems sneak into Moslem shrines among hundreds of devout pilgrims and
 killing hundreds of pious wayfarers. Why?

Because people who go on pilgrimages to pray at Moslem shrines are worse than unbelievers! (that means WORSE THAN you AND me)

Says who?
Says Abdul Wahhab, the Top Banana of the Salafi cult, a man so puritanical that he wore only black underwear and copulated only with goats!

Chorus of 3  camels:

In São di Arabia, Abdul Wahhab’s word is law!
So don't get any clever ideas like doin’ the hanky-panky!
In São di Arabia doin’ the hanky-panky is punishable by death!

Crazy Imam no.  3:
Wahhabism is a no-frills cult.
That means if they catch you with a frill they roast it alive and make you eat it.

Narrator [a clone of T.S. Eliot]:
São di Arabia is an extremely decent and respectable country. The likelihood of seeing any public hair in pubic places, or for that matter seeing any pubic hair in public places, is astronomically low.
But the population must make sacrifices to keep their country so clean and respectable.

In 2002 a fire broke out at night in a girls boarding school in Riyadh. Panicky girls emerged onto the street wearing ONLY THEIR BATHROBES! Thank heavens for the Morality Police, who were on the beat, and quick as a wink, collared those licentious little sluts and pushed the little tramps right back into the burning school, where they were duly burnt to a crisp, no doubt after undergoing terrible sufferings! 
On the other hand the community was spared the sinful spectacle of pre-pubescent girls exhibiting their ankles on the public thoroughfare at 3 a.m.! 
Allah was very pleased. 
So as you see, Wahhabism has two aspects: its grisly aspect and its inhuman aspect. Quite similar to Stalinism, in a way, but not so gemütlich

(to be cuntinued)

Koran word count numbah 1

Kill            44 times
Love         83

Deceive    26
Truth      275

Death 73
Life  174

Punish   198
Reward  187

Suffer      16
Pleasure 24

Cruel         0
Merciful 259

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bin Laden's Message to posterity

" ...Enmity and hatred shall forever reign between us—till you believe in God alone" [Qur'an 60:4]. … And this fierce hostility—that is, battle—ceases only if the infidel submits to the authority of Islam, or if his blood is forbidden from being shed [i.e., a dhimmi, or protected minority], or if Muslims are at that point in time weak and incapable. But if the hate at any time extinguishes from the heart, this is great apostasy! ... Such then is the basis and foundation of the relationship between the infidel and the Muslim.  
__Battle, animosity, and hatred
directed from Muslim to infidel
are the foundation of our religion."

Friday, 6 May 2011

The jihad was cancelled

Root of all evil

Hey, Ayatollah, I was wondering about this monotheism baloney you keep feeding us. Don't you think that nowadays, with social division of labour, economies of scale, huge savings on bulk carriers, and decentralized computing, polytheism could beat the pants off this monotheism malarkey?  Huh?

And I would also like to know … just out of curiosity  … how much pig urine would one need to desecrate, say, 20 million Korans? Monotheism is the root of all evil. Monotheism is the root of all evil. Monotheism is the root of all evil.   

Diagnosis: Goat-fuckers!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The DEOBANDIT subspecies of the SW Asia bandit cult infestation

One of the more murderous sects of the SW Asia bandit cult is called, coincidentally, the “Deobandits”. As their name implies, the Deobandits are a bloodthirsty crew of fanatical Mohammedan cutthroats with Islamo-imperialist tendencies. They are mostly concentrated on the Indian subcontinent and in Britain.  Deobandits resemble the Wahhabis, the sect that controls Sãodi Arabia. They are very similar in their stupidity, pig-headedness, fanaticism, mumbo-jumbosity and proneness to violence. Most Mohammedan Indo-Pak terrorist scum are Deobandits.

The Secret Pre-History of the Holy Scribble

Once upon a time there were two brothers whose names were Mo’ Hammed  and Lester Hammed, also known as Les Hammed.

Les Hammed was fairly bright, but his brother Mo’ Hammed was a horse’s ass. Mo ‘Hammed would spend his time visiting the temples pertaining to various religions in Meccanicsville, Ohio, their home town. He would pick up a sentence here and a phrase there, because Mo’ Hammed had a secret ambition to compose a Holy Book that would outshine them all. And since Mo’ Hammed  was nothing but an ignorant baboon, the only way he could think of making his holy book was copying the best parts of all the other holy books. In other words, Mo’ Hammed belonged to the school of Off-the-Cuff Syncretic Eclecticism (OCSE).

Mo’ Hammed was terribly impressed with a phrase he picked up at the Zoroastrian temple – or was it the temple of Apollo? Anyway, it was one of those sects, and the phrase Mo’ Hammed heard that impressed him so much was “in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Goat”.

Mo’ Hammed was very fond of goats. But I mean REALLY, REALLY fond of goats, if you catch my drift. He was the original goat buster, or goat fucker, as they are also called. I believe his followers are even today occasionally called by that name.

So Mo’ Hammed decided to make the central deity in his proposed pantheon a Goat God, whose name was going to  be – what else? -- the Holy Goat. By the way, at no time did he give a monotheistic approach a second thought. 

Now Mo’ Hammed was a sporting type. He often went to the goat races that were  held in Meccanicsville, Ohio, and would earn a little money betting on the outcome of the goat races. 

And he decided that his holy book was going to  be about goat racing and it would be called The Holy Goat Ran. That's the name of that famous book about a goat race, right? The Holy Goat Ran, isn’t it?

But the week before he gave the manuscript to the printer, something happened to make Mo’ Hammed  change his feeble mind. A terrible panzoodemic spread throughout the goat population of the region, causing goats to expire by the truckload, writhing in agony.  

Since Mo’ Hammed was a shitheaded superstitious twerp -- and a craven opportunist to boot --  he decided it would be inauspicious to start off his new smeligion with a loser tetrapod like goats. And that is why he changed the name of his holy book from The Holy Goat Ran to The Holy Cow Ran. And of course, he rewrote the book so it would be about cow races instead of goat races.

The Holy Cow Ran is also known as ICMJ – The Interminable Compendium of Mo’ Hammedan Mumbo-Jumbo.


Monday, 2 May 2011


Deathbed conversion! At last he saw the Light!

Osama Bin Laden converted to Judaism one week before his untimely death.

In what seemed a curious twist of fate, it was yesterday revealed that the notorious Mohammedan terrorist Osama bin Laden converted to Lubavitcher Judaism almost a week before the imperialist soldateska burst into his fortified compound near Islamabad, vaporized his prefrontal lobe and sundry adjacent portions of his CNS with focused hypersonic beams, and abducted his mutilated cadaver in a robot flying stretcher, to the horror of all the pious Muslims present, to the extent they had not been dispatched to their respective happy hunting grounds by aforesaid jackbooted merciless genocidal hyenas! The Jewish name he adopted at the Synagogue ceremony was Danny Goldstein.

It gives me a warm feeling inside when I peruse his final moments: always true to Islamic ethics, Osama seized a female employee and tried to use her as a human shield against the vicious Zionist mercenary crocodiles! But in vain, alas! Unfazed, they opened fire and slew both Mr Bin Laden and Mrs. Shield on the spot.

Perhaps he was tipping us the wink that it was a phony conversion to Judaism, after all!

Such a wonderful idea the Americans had, not to take any prisoners! Prisoners are a real drag, you know, because sooner or later they are going to sue for their rights and your legal and torture bill starts to rise. In a brilliant tactical move, President Obama previously ruled out the taking of any human captives, on grounds of concern that the US Military Code of Justice might be insufficiently humane to vouchsafe them their precious procedural rights under a variety of international instruments. Accordingly, all hostile individuals encountered were executed on the spot after an ID check.