Saturday, 16 April 2011

On Eluding the Islamafia's Fatwa

Reply to: “Let veiled Muslim women speak for themselves” by Stuart Weir, 12 April 2011, Open Democracy

That simple-minded bromide “Let veiled Muslim women speak for themselves” is such a namby-pamby, hinky-dinky, parlee-voo fantasy that it makes my flesh crawl and my guts puke volcanically.

I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT STUDIED THE ISLAMIC RELIGION and MUDDLE EASTERN CULTURE IN DEPTH, FROM MAKING ANY MORE ASININE PROPOSALS ON MUSLIM POLICY. On the contrary, those who do not understand the Moslem mentality should keep their mouths firmly shut at all times, because otherwise they run grave peril of extruding sizable batches of truly epic malarkey about things they don't understand and never will, so they become more a hindrance than a help (please note the implied threat of imminent bodily harm).

ONE THING MUST BE PERFECTLY CLEAR. Once the Islamafia has chosen a side in a political debate, it will consistently act to further the interests of that choice resorting to all the immense resources of utter ruthlessness and depraved indifference to life, freedom and morality that they have absorbed from Islam’s colossal, antediluvian subterranean reserves of cynicism and hypocrisy, stored up in vats and murkily fermenting through the ages.

Muslims long ago made up their collective so-called minds that they want women’s heads well covered. Accordingly women (at least Moslem such) already have their marching orders from the Islamafia. A woman who challenges the Islamafia's fatwa puts her life and tranquility at grave risk. In Paris’ peripheral bunker slums young women who traipse veilless through the streets are systematically raped by Islamist thugs, who are conscientiously doing their Allah-ordained duty to prevent ANYONE from forsaking the perimeter of the tribal funk and its attendant neolithic social controls.

A women who has been threatened with rape for not wearing the tribal costume has every incentive to allege to her Western pals that she is wearing the veil of her own free will, instead of confessing the shameful blackmail of the pimp-brain hanky-panky that passes for “honour” among yon depraved Mohammedan bipeds.

Consequently to let women decide whether to wear the veil or not, exposes them to blackmail from young Mohammedan cutthroats who lurk in their neighborhoods and can easily take clandestine action against them.

A compromise solution would be to let women decide whether to wear the veil or not, but equip those who relinquish the veil with a Colt 45 revolver and plenty of ammunition so they can defend themselves against neighborhood Islamo-Fascists.

But that concession was purely pro forma. The veil must be outlawed under harsh penalties. If you think you're doing Moslem women a favor by giving them the freedom to choose between being raped and harassed and NOT being raped and harassed, then you are profoundly mistaken. Western society must assume the full responsibility and authority to ban any items of apparel that are firmly associated with antisocial and atavistic traits like narcotics dependence, Islam, prostitution and organized crime.

Where did this mushhead get the idea that we can decide for ourselves whether the choices we face are individual choices or collective choices? The vigorous push of the Islam establishment in favour of the veil has already decided the issue whether this is an individual or a collective decision. AND IT IS A COLLECTIVE DECISION ! THE ISLAMIC CLERGY AND THEIR HANGERS-ON MADE THAT DECISION MANY YEARS AGO. CONSEQUENTLY INDIVIDUAL CHOICE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.

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