Saturday, 23 April 2011

Reply to Chomsky

I indignantly object to Noam Chomsky’s dismissal of anti-Muslim feeling in Europe as “racist”. I’m no longer sure of the meaning of the word “racist”, because people use it with such reckless abandon, but I know that when somebody calls you “racist”, it means that he wants to cast your political views in a disreputable light.

The Europeans have no doubt been guilty of chauvinism and other misdeeds, like the Chinese, the Americans, the Arabs, the Mongols, etc.

But currently Europe is fighting for its identity under the onslaught of African and Mohammedan immigrants. The Europeans have as much right to tell intruders to buzz off as the Africans, whose heroic struggle against colonialism took the form of trying to expel unwanted European immigrants. I don't think you ever criticized the Algerian National Liberation Front for threatening to slit the throat of any Christian, Jew or other outsider who dared remain in Algeria when they seized power and imposed a brutal dictatorship in 1962.

A century ago half the population of the Middle East was Moslem and the other half, Christian, Jewish and miscellaneous. Since every year 165 thousand Christians are murdered in Moslem countries, the Christian population is in severe decline. So having murdered or expelled almost all non-Moslems from the Middle East, the Moslems are now massively flooding into Europe, where no sooner do they arrive when they start demanding imposition of Moslem rules like sexual segregation, and reverence for their peculiar superstitions, and tolerance for their slaughtering sheep on the sidewalk and belching in public.

60% of rapes in Germany are committed by Turks, who make up some 6% of the population. . The Turkish Prime Minister publicly exhorted his countrymen living in Germany not to acculturate to Europe, but instead to constitute an indigestible , alien lump.

No less an authority then Lee Kwan Yew, longtime ruler of Singapore, has flatly stated that Muslims are incapable of assimilation, unlike the other ethnic groups who inhabit Singapore, i.e. Chinese, Indians and so on.

Now the Moslems want to prance around on the Champs Elysees wearing burqas – a kind of Halloween outfit that prickles. If I walked the streets of Cairo wearing shorts, I would be lynched.

Islam is a supremacist ideology endowed with a particularly bloodthirsty view of the world. No doubt you noticed that when you visited your Hezbollah buddies in Lebanon. Their political program is to dissolve Lebanon into a huge Moslem state that would inevitably wipe out Lebanon’s remaining non-Moslems. In other words, they are Islamo-Fascists, and their so-called religion is an ideology of genocide.

Hezbollah has an international perspective. That’s why they perpetrated 2 bloodbaths in Argentina 20 years ago. They wanted to kill Jews, and Argentine Jews were perfectly acceptable victims.

Their Prophet Mohammed used to preside at mass executions. According to his faithful biographer Ibn Ishaq, Mohammed once tortured a man all night, including building a campfire on his chest – because Mohammed wanted to seize a hidden treasure that his victim was reputed to know of. At dawn Mohammed gave up in disgust and had the poor devil beheaded by one of the thugs who were constantly in attendance.

The followers of that sadistic cutthroat now converge on certain points in Paris ostensibly for Friday prayers, which involves prominent heavenward thrusting movements with their buttocks. They prevent the natives from opening their shops and sometimes even confine them in their dwellings for hours while they engage in their grotesque mumbo-jumbo.

When I lived in Europe in the 1970s I found the Moslems picturesque and simpaticos. However now that they smell imminent triumph, they seem much less congenial. Especially when I found out that in many northern European cities Pakistani taxi drivers constitute an espionage web to track down disobedient Moslem women so they can be honor-killed. And perhaps they make photographs of strategic locations, too, and pass them on to their capos. But we don't have any definite proof of this yet.

So I respectfully request that you refrain from criticizing people who are defending their homeland from a shapeless mass that is indistinguishable from barbarism. It is a mean rhetorical trick to call people of unimpeachable democratic credentials “Fascists” because they are dissatisfied with being bullied and harassed by an aggressive and ignorant alien minority.

Actually, European Fascists have a rather ambivalent attitude toward Moslems. Adolf Hitler admired Islam because it produced fearless fighting men … you know, Islamo-Fascists like your buddies in the Hezbollah. Hitler’s genocidal ambitions were inspired by the Turks, who had slaughtered millions of Armenians, Greeks and other non-Moslem minorities living in the Ottoman empire between 1895 and 1922. Nobody ever punished the Turks for their recurring bouts of genocide. Hitler thought he could get away with it too. In the second World War, many Moslem minorities in Eastern Europe formed militias to assist the Fascist barbarians in their crimes.

But I found the rest of your article quite good, on the whole. You still haven’t lost your spark.

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