Friday, 15 April 2011

Q. Is Islam a terrorist religion? A. Depends what you mean by ”religion”.

Q. Is Islam a terrorist religion?  a. Depends what you mean by ”religion”.

Sounds unfair, right? Dumping on the pooor Mohammedans again.

Nonetheless I believe that I have found persuasive empirical evidence that points to the conclusion that

Islam is  a terrorist religion.

For many years German law provided that religious associations were not bound by the reporting and supervision restrictions that govern associations. Among other things, government possessed no power to dissolve religious associations for breaking the law, as it could chess clubs, wrestling federations, tiddly-wink societies, etc.

Right after 9-11 2001, the German parliament revoked the religious exemption from the law. Why? Because Islamists had misused unmonitored and unregistered religious groups to conduct terrorist activities. the German police needed the  power to discipline Islamist cells. Administrative disbandment of an association is generally accompanied by seizure of its assets.  So this gave the German police a weapon to brandish at Islamists.

I think this is quite persuasive evidence in support of the thesis that Islam is a terror religion.

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