Friday, 15 April 2011



Sad but true, the GOP is becoming increasingly totalitarian in its outlook and hankers to impose a police state in order to assure the continued strangle-hold of a tiny oligarchy over the US.

At the same time  the GOP has become sharply critical of alleged Islamic   penetration into the US.

Much as I detest the GOP, I do not favor rejecting every single assertion made by a Repugnican. On the contrary, I believe progressives should subject all claims from those worthies to rigorous scrutiny before deciding  whether they are accurate or not.

The author writes disapprovingly of “the notion that Islam “causes” terrorism.” I think the proposition “Islam causes terrorism” (or some reformulation thereof) is easily subjected to an empirical test. By reviewing the  history of Islam we should be able to discover whether Islam causes terrorism or not.

My extensive studies of Moslem history and ideology long ago persuaded me that there is considerable historical evidence suggesting that Islam is indeed a breeding-ground for terrorism, because

  • Islam is a warlike religion in which violence against infidels and dissidents is encouraged and glorified
  • Islam relishes bloodshed. For example, its founder, the Prophet Mohammed (bpuh) enjoyed presiding at mass executions and torture sessions.
  • Islam suppresses rational thought, enshrining in its place simple-minded and often incomprehensible messages relayed allegedly from a certain invisible god.
  • Islam opposes pragmatic solutions that contradict any of its many and rigid beliefs. 
  • Islamic history is rife with examples of smallish groups of believers who proceed to wage war against other Muslims on purely doctrinal grounds, sometimes of an exceedingly flimsy nature. 
  • Islam is a supremacist ideology in which the wielding of political power is deemed a central goal.   

These characteristics of Islam clearly encourage terrorism. Many of these traits are shared by Fascist movements, which tend to engage spontaneously in terrorism.

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