Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hating Islam


Some people seem to think that hating Islam is immoral.

I hate Islam the same way I hate Fascism, Communism, imperialism, the Ku Klux Klan, the GOP and the Mafia. And for exactly the same reasons. I am very familiar with Islam, having minored in Islamic Studies, traveled in many Moslem countries, learnt Arabic, read the Koran, the works.

I admit Islam is a mixed bag. During its 14 centuries it has benefited by many humane and enlightened influences. Certain currents in Islam I find unobjectionable. However the essence of Islam is still overwhelmingly marked by its founder Mohammed, a narcissistic, psychopathic killer.

The more I got to know Islam the more I hated it. Why? Because Islam reminded me of Fascism. I know about Fascism because I grew up in a Fascist-ruled country and subsequently studied European history of the early 20th century.

Islam combines some of the most repulsive traits of any existing belief system.
It is the utter antithesis of the values I admire in Western civilization.
Hatred for Islam is a natural human instinct.

However I am equally repelled by professional Islam-hating right-wing reptiles like the Gingrich and the Gangsters Of Petroleum (G.O.P.) and utterly reject their criminal buffoonery.

We will turn Islam into a branch of Archaeology!  Islam is the most highly developed form of barbarism. Islam: An ideology of genocide driven by systemic paranoia.  Islam is a religion, just as a coffin is a piece of furniture.  The principal risk factor for Mohammedanism is ignorance. Death to Islam.  Deobanditry – The most lethal strain of Mohammedan horse-shit known to man.  Islam makes you stupid. The Interminable Compendium of Mohammedan Mumbo-Jumbo. "The tree of liberty  must be refreshed  from time to time  with the blood of  Mohammedan fanatics." We hate Islam because Islam is so exceedingly odious! The only good Islamo-Fascist is a dead Islamo-Fascist. Q.  Is Islam a terrorist religion?   A.  Depends what you mean by “religion”.   Areas infested by bloodthirsty Mohammedans. How much pig urine do you need to desecrate 20  million Korans? Islam sanctifies rage.  Fuck that monotheist crap! Sayyid Qutb -- Purveyor of Islamic Horseshit. If the Koran is art, then Mohammed was a bullshit artist.   

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