Saturday, 18 September 2010

Israeli Boycott

Comment on Lawrence Davidson's Why the Israeli Boycott Is Growing, September 8, 2010

Your article is very sensible. The Jews have indeed despoiled the Moslems once more. But your repudiation of such Jewish deeds rests on the premise that the Palestinians have a stronger claim to Palestine than the Jews. How do you justify this belief?

I reach the opposite conclusion. I think the Jews’ claim is stronger then the Moslems’. Consequently the Jews are entitled to do what they please in Palestine.

I reason as follows: the Jews claim that God gave Israel to the Jews. On the Palestinian side Hamas’ claim is that since Israel was once inhabited by Moslems, God ordains that it must remain Moslem forever.

Consequently it’s a God vs. God dispute. Since gods are assumed to have equal standing (all the more since apparently it was the same God both times), the issue is settled by determining which party has the prior claim. Since God handed Palestine to the Jews before He let the Moslems live there, the Jews have prior claim and Palestinian claims are pronounced null and void.

Funny, huh? Not in the least! This is a serious legal argument!

If the Palestinians declare through the agency of their holy terror group that they are entitled to Palestine because they are Moslems, then I retort that Somali Moslems or Philippine Moslems would do just as well. Why must be Moslems chosen to live in Palestine be Palestinian?

By seriously advancing a claim grounded in a superstitious load of codswallop garnished with a sprig of mumbo-jumbo, the Palestinians have in effect proclaimed that they don’t really want Palestine back after all. What they want to do is have Moslems live there, Moslems from anywhere.

Of course such a claim is ridiculous on its face. The native of a land cannot assign his native rights to a foreigner merely because the foreigner happens to cultivate matching superstitions and they reciprocally feed each other an identical line of supernatural malarkey!

If I cut my children out of my will and instead left my estate to the Mystic Temple of the Sublime Shamballah, the probate judge would automatically rescind my will and my estate would revert to my natural heirs, i.e. my children. And rightly so! At least under local law.

If speech has meaning, then good arguments should prevail over bad ones. People should be rewarded for expounding sound, persuasive arguments and punished for brandishing deceptive, superstitious and nonsensical arguments.

Anyone who pays the slightest heed to Hamas´ obscurantist farrago invoking cosmic laws is rewarding destructive and irrational behavior. To even utter such a preposterous argument is an insult to human intelligence!

And last but not least, to even consider paying attention to Hamas’ pious twaddle means to accept the authority of the Shariah.

In my opinion the Palestinians waived their claims to Palestine by assigning them to strangers. Strangers by the name of Mustafa and Ali and Kareem, but strangers nonetheless.

Palestine now belongs to the Jews. Shalom.

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